The ranks of visitor capacity water park equipment

When it comes to water park equipment, people naturally think of big water slides, water dragon slides, skateboarding and other large water park equipment. The water slide series is indeed an important water park equipment, and even the main equipment of water parks. A large water park like Chimelong, a large water slide has become its iconic water park equipment. What this article discusses is that in the water park play project, which equipment or project is the most accommodated?
1. The water park equipment accommodates the tourists, and the water slide accommodates the third.
The large-scale water slides are characterized by fun and excitement. Most of them are 15-55-year-olds. Because large-scale water slides are special equipment, water park equipment manufacturers are generally designed to be 2-6 people, or Competition-type water slides like the rainbow octopus slides require a certain amount of time for the taxiing process, so the capacity of the large water slides is directly determined. Therefore, the number of people in the reception capacity ranks third.

2, the second should be water and water equipment
Water villages and water-playing equipment are suitable for people than large water slides. People including children can play in water villages and paddling pools. There are various kinds of water-skiing equipment/pieces in the paddling pool, summer. It is often full.

3. The most popular tourist is the wave pool.
In the water park facilities, the largest number of people are the wave pools. The general wave pools will have professional stage performances. While surfing the waves, you can also enjoy the performances. The wave pools are usually equipped with simulated beaches and are summer water parks. The holy place, the level of excitement can see the scene pictures.

Water park construction, in the layout, each water park equipment or play projects are each carrying the mission of meeting different tourists, each amusement equipment is very important, even indispensable.

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