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– Established in 1994, is one of the top water park equipment manufacturers;

– Modern equipment production line, the factory area is more than 110,000m2;

– About 120 employees dedicated to the water park;

– Completed hundreds of water park projects worldwide;

– Products exported to 20 countries;

– The company has passed the ISO quality management system certification and is a member of IAAPA;


Founded in 1994, Guangzhou Trend Group is the first and largest complete service provider for water projects in China. It is one of the top manufacturers of glass fiber in China. Vison Waterparks is the sales and export subsidiary of Trend Group. It is committed to creating a profitable water park project. It has independent import and export rights issued by the government and provides investment planning, planning and design, equipment production, installation, operation management, after-sales service, and other one-stop water park construction services.

Since the establishment of Trend Group, engineering cases have spread across all provinces across the country, and hundreds of water park resort projects have applied our equipment around the world. It is the contractor of famous water parks such as Huaqiang Fantawild, Midea Group, Poly Real Estate, China Fortune Land Development, Jiahe Group, Haiquanwan, Tianmu Group, Yuanming New Park, Anhui Linquan Dream Water World, Hunan Chenzhou Dream Water Park, etc.

Today, challenges and opportunities coexist. Faced with increasingly fierce market competition, water park manufacturers and investors have to think about how to stand out from the crowd. Trend Group actively uses its characteristics and advantages to fully develop foreign markets and serve the domestic market. The service concept of “win-win” and the implementation of the strategic policy of “professionalism is fundamental, quality is life” will enable the company to continue to develop and advance, and provide investors with better, more professional, and more competitive water park projects.


Subsidiaries of Guangzhou Trend Group:

Guangzhou Trend Culture Tourism Group Co., Ltd.

The group company manages and operates various subsidiaries of the company and makes investments. Such as Jiangxi Jiuzhai Hot Spring Hotel, Jiangxi Qinglongyan Resort.


Guangzhou Panyu Trend Water Park Construction Co., Ltd.

The main company of Guangzhou Trend Group manages the real estate and properties of Guangzhou Trend Creative Industrial Park, and the main company of the water park. It is the first and largest complete service provider of water projects in China. Provide water park project planning and design, deepening design, equipment and facilities supporting supply, engineering installation, equipment commissioning, operation training, equipment maintenance, upgrading and other one-stop services throughout the process.


Guangzhou Trend Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd.

Specializing in water park equipment research and development, manufacturing, installation, and management consulting services, it is a unit member of the National Cableway and Amusement Facilities Standardization Technical Committee, a standard drafting unit of “GB/T18168-2008 General Technical Conditions for Water Amusement Facilities”.


Guangzhou Vison Commerce Co., Ltd.

Trend Group’s equipment sales and export company, the latest overseas brand Vison Waterparks™, the company has an independent import and export authority, has a professional overseas sales team and overseas offices, and is responsible for the overseas market business.


Guangzhou Trend Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.

Engaged in tourism resort investment planning, development, construction and operation of the whole industry chain services, business covers tourism and vacation project planning, design, and construction, themed landscape design and construction, operation management, and other businesses.


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