• On-site investigation
    On-site investigation
    on 2024-5-20

    On-site investigation refers to a method of investigation conducted on the spot. Its main purpose is to obtain the actual situation on site and provide basic data and a basis for subsequent design and construction work. So, what exactly is the content of on-site investigation? The content of on-site survey includes observing and recording the topography, geomorphology, hydrology, meteorology and […]

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  • Shippment to Dubai
    Shippment to Dubai
    on 2024-5-14

    On May 13, Vison Waterparks started to load the equipment used in Dubai Indoor Park. It is expected to be shipped from Guangzhou Port to Dubai, United Arab Emirates on May 16, bringing joy to the Middle East. Gallery

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  • New client visited our company
    New client visited our company
    on 2024-4-25

    With the recovery of the tourism industry, more and more customers and friends come to our company for on-site inspections and visits, to get up close and personal with our company. On April 22, the company welcomed a customer from the Central African Republic for a visit and business negotiation. The key staff of our company warmly received the customer […]

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  • St. Gotti Bay Hot Spring Water World! Trend Group
    St. Gotti Bay Hot Spring Water World! Trend Group
    on 2023-5-31

    St. Gotti Bay Hot Spring Water World! China’s first four-season constant temperature indoor water park with the theme of Cambodian Angkor Wat culture. You can enjoy the tropical style experience for 365 days and enjoy a happy ocean! St. Gotti Bay Hot Spring Water World is hosted by Shandong Xin Cheng Modern Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. invests and develops, with […]

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