Planning and Designing

 We think: The unique aim of making a water park is earning profit.

 Vison Waterparks aims to provide high-quality, customer-oriented, cost-efficient, high-capacity and safe solutions. The location, topography, climate, culture, capacity, environment, and location of each site is unique. We consider every project carefully. Vison Waterparks will make an achievable, acceptable budget, profitable projects according to partners’ requirements.

 Details such as land and site restraints, budgetary and environmental issues, and future development possibilities are all taken into consideration.

◎Site Planning and functional layout of the park and attractions;

◎Parking for guest vehicles, buses, and staff;

◎Defining entry and ticketing requirements, including queue systems;

◎Support facilities such as retail, change rooms, washrooms, locker facilities, food and beverage;

◎Service areas, support buildings offices, toilets, shops, storage, and maintenance.

◎Enhance the capacity of the park;

◎Provide for greatest possible use among the widest age-group categories;

◎Ensure ease in expanding planned attractions in the future;

◎Ensure safe layouts of the rides and attractions to mitigate any safety issues;

◎Plan for rides and attractions that are cost-effective and efficient to operate.

◎Thematic design for water park decoration.


 Water park design process:

 1. Investment planning

 That is to say, study the tourism market, social economy, competitors, etc. which determine the market positioning of the project. According to the principle of optimal return on investment, determine the reasonable investment amount of the project and the investment ratio of each functional module. The core is that good steel is used in the cutting edge, and the funds are used under certain investment quotas to shape the attractiveness of the project. The same project investment, the stronger the attraction, the higher the value.

  1. Brand planning

 That is to say, according to the investment planning ideas, implement market positioning and build attractiveness, determine the project brand strategy and competition strategy. The core is to target the target consumer groups, identify customer needs, from the perspective of the future marketing of the project, to carry out entertainment ideas, plan the highlights and selling points of the project, and build a unique perfect visitor experience in the water park, which is the key to creating project characteristics and differentiation.

  1. Design planning

 That is to say, according to the idea of investment planning and brand planning, the transition to design implementation. Focusing on the characteristics and differentiation of the project, the design content is fully organized and deepened. The core is to propose the planning concept, determine the construction content and functional division, select the architectural style, cultural theme, water park equipment, and analyze the feasibility, and provide the key technical areas control technical indicators or guidance for the subsequent design.


  1. Overall planning and design

 Through the overall planning design diagram to express the construction content and layout of the project, determine the spatial location relationship of each functional area of the project and its connection with the outside. The main landmark architectural plan and the important node landscape plan are proposed, and the key points of the design are pointed out, and the water park equipment is reasonably placed. 

  1. Preliminary design

 According to the overall planning and concept design drawing, the specific design of the sub-division will be further deepened, and the key content of the entertainment and core projects will be refined, and the technical solutions and main parameters will be determined.

  1. Engineering drawing design

 Prepare a detailed general plan, as well as detailed professional drawings, construction estimates, and technical requirements for specific dimensions, materials, practices, etc., with the goal of guiding the construction of each major.



Vison Waterparks owns a team of experienced designers and engineers who understand the links between design, construction and management of water park development. We can provide reasonable, cost-effective solutions for water parks.



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