Land survey

Generally speaking, the mapping should be done by a local land survey company, they will make the land condition into the auto CAD.

We provide a land surveys to find a good location to build the water park, by visiting the land, the designer will comprehensively organize and deepen the design. The core content is to put forward planning ideas, to determine the content of construction and function districts, and to choose an architectural style, cultural theme and water recreation facilities, which should be analyzed in feasibility, providing guidance for the follow-up design of domain technical indexes in key functional areas.

A land survey is necessary for water park construction, especially for a huge project. A land survey helps the designer to understand the land exactly, and the designer could learn more about the surroundings and the owner’s idea, avoiding any misunderstanding.

We could send a designer to the site for a land survey for free, the buyer shall pay all the business trip costs.



Land survey插图 Land survey插图1


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