Vison Waterparks have full experienced on turn-key service for water park. What we do for you is win-win cooperation as partners, rather than buyer and seller. A good management team should be trained to understand all the operation details, Vison could work with:
1. Build up each function for water park operation;
(1) Set up marketing management system (marketing planning, project decoration, advertisement and promotion, sales management system etc.);
(2) Set up administration management system (company structure, responsibilities, institution, rule etc.);
(3) Set up various professional management systems for hot springs resort, water parks, hotels (rooms and restaurants) etc.;
(4) Set up the ticket system.
2, Management of marketing planning, brand and sales solutions.
3. Staff training (including training for management team, workers, equipment and facility operators).
4, Certification of water park project and other consulting.
5, Water park management consultant
6, Water park investment and financing planning
7, Talent recruitment, evaluation, selection.
8. Water park listing and equity transfer.

Any request will feedback within 24 hours, we will come to the site within 48 hours (available on visa-free country only) for any emergency under the water park operation.



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