Why us?

Trend Group, Top Manufacturer in China

With 29 years of experience across the globe in the fiberglass slide, we’ve developed unmatched business and technological expertise. With hundreds of projects in the past years.

China amusement standard drafter GB8408



All our fiberglass slides are made from five-axis CNC machine mold, using world TOP brand raw materials, ensuring the precision and high quality of the water slide.



Our extensive business experience in the water park industry distinguishes us from our competitors.


Competitive Price

We are proud to serve superior quality products and service at a competitive pricing.


Strong R&D Focus

We are committed to research and development. We never stop improving our products and services or introducing new products to the industry. Limited land or space is not a problem for Trend, the land size of the water park varied from 100-100000m2 is workable for us.


Commitment to Quality

Mr. Wen established Guangzhou Trend with the best quality and service in mind. It has always been our goal to produce the finest quality products in the industry.


Life Long Customer Service

Trend Group is a customer-centric organization. Not like any other company from Turkey or Canada, we provide lifelong customer service at a cost-effective price. You should not worry about the slide quality which may happen.


Focus on Water Park

We only work on water park construction, we don’t involve of aquariums. We just build water parks for water park owners.


Easy Communication

We know the key point that is the most important to buyers. We understand that the client will concern about the cost and problems he will meet, Guangzhou Trend, is always a trouble hooter, from investment and return research to land condition problems to a construction setting out, we will work together.


After Sales Service

Any request about quality under operation will be feedback within 24 hours, we will come to the site within 48 hours (available in visa-free countries only) for any emergency under the water park operation.



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