Customer Comments

Customer Comment:


Cooperation with Vison Waterparks in 2015 helped us to build and start a new business in Kazakhstan. Well educated factory staff and qualified installation team made us easy to solve many construction problems. We wish further cooperate with Vison Waterparks in nearest future.

-Mr. Eldar Daribayev, General Manager, Kazakhstan


Customer comment:

Thank you very much for your your engineer’s cooperation . It is successfully installed and tested .

— Mr. Lee, Manager of operation department, Palong Bay Resort


Customer comment:

Well, Professional knowledge, Fast reaction of the goods sourcing and Competitive Price , our good cooperation partner.

–MR.RADWAN SAMAHIR, GM of Mandalay Water Park, Myanmar


Customer comment:

This project is a resounding success due to Vison Waterparks’ staff of professionals, dedication to our timeline and of course the amazing result.

Joann Cortéz, Communications Director, Water World at Indonesia


Customer comment:

I have visited Vison WaterParks in 2016, They have sales department, factory, production department and after-sales maintenance department, let me buy it at easy

–Mr.Mustafa, VP of Real Estate, Salalah Water Park, Oman


Customer comment:

In the first cooperation with Vison WaterParks in 2014, the maintenance and renovation of the whole garden slide has been carried out. Your company is very reasonable in terms of materials, construction and service, very professional and after-sales service is also very good. In 2017, we will cooperate with Vison WaterParks again and plan to replace the water treatment sand filter in the following years. So far, most of the equipment has been refurbished, and each device is working fine.

–Mr.Liang, Owner of Huizhou seaside hot spring water park, Guangdong, China


Customer comment:

In 2015, the water slide equipment in our scenic spot has been in operation for seven or eight years, and it is old and old. We originally planned to retrieve the original equipment manufacturer for maintenance. After many comparisons, I finally cooperated with Vison WaterParks. After several months of construction, the entire water park was completely renewed and passed the government acceptance. Thanks to Vison WaterParks, we have extended the service life of our products. The professional construction and good service of your company have made the products bright and colorful. In the next few years, the park will be expanded and I hope to cooperate with Vison WaterParks.

–Mr Yang, Manager of operation department, Maoming Sun Island Water Park, Guangdong, China


Customer comment:

Our water park was officially opened in July 2018. It has a variety of amusement equipment. It is the largest water park in Linquan. It is a good place for weekend leisure activities. Last year, the average summer operation reached four to five thousand. People, in our small county town, a good performance.

Vison WaterParks’s product performance and performance matching are very good. Especially for Vison WaterParks’s after-sales service personnel, they are very satisfied and responsive. In general, I am very satisfied with the use of Wesson International products, I hope your company produces a more fun water slide.

–Mr.Lu, Owner of Linquan Magic Water Park, Anhui, China


Customer Reviews:

To Vison WaterParks, thank you for your support in all aspects over the past two years, and let our water park open smoothly. From beginning of contacting with Vison WaterParks till the contract was signed, Vison WaterParks gave me advice and felt the sincerity, enthusiasm and pragmatism of your company. The project was tight and difficult, and this true feeling and enthusiasm not only helped my project run, but also made me a long-term partner with Vison WaterParks. Thanks Mr.Wei and Vison WaterParks. Thank you.

–Mr.Lu, Owner of Nanping Water Park, Fujiang, China.




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