Are water parks dangerous for a beginner swimmer?

Answer from water slide Manufacturer in China.

It is safe and beginner will have fun it it. but visitor must follow the instructions of each water park equipment and the instructor strictly.

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Generally speaking, most of the water parks include water slide, wave pool, lazy river, swimming pool, spa. The dept of splash pool for slide, lazy river, spa pool are less then 1 meter; the depth of wave pool, swimming pool are 0- 2 meter. So you just be care about the swimming pool and wave pool, as factory, we recommend the owner of water park prepare life jacket for beginners, even for all visitor who would like to enjoy artificial wave pool.

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Safety is the priority for any thing, so there will be lifeguard in any corner of pool, lazy river. They just like your mun who cares about you. Any safety problem are considered when the water park equipment are designed. What situation will happened are tested before water park opened to public. How many lifeguard is needed was listed to the water park owner by equipment supplier.

As visitor, just need to follow the instructions and enjoy a great day in the water park.


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