Anhui Emirates Water Park

Water park area: 40,000 square meters

Project Name: Anhui Emirates Water Park

Equipment introduction: Dinosaur Mountain Waterfall, Big Horn, Crazy Drifting, Big Octopus, Family Competition, Circulation River, Children’s Pool

Detailed introduction:

Emirates Bay Water Park is a large-scale with Caribbean Pirates style ecological water theme park, also it is the first novel and unique swimming carnival paradise in Anhui. It can accommodate 5000-10000 visitors in the same time. Paradise has built a frog slide, crocodile slide, clown fountain, spiral slide, water cannons and other facilities, as well as “Pirates of the Caribbean water house”, “pirate adventure” rainbow racing slide, the Dead Sea floating ,duckweed and other recreational water projects. In 2013, on the basis of the original water park, Vison Waterparks focus on building a water park Phase II, introduce new dinosaur mountain Falls, tornado slide, crazy rafting, octopus, family slide, circulation river, children’s aqua play and so on. The park not only has thrilling waterfall slide, but also has leisure swimming pool, which is a best refreshing summer vacation, suitable for all ages.




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