Guangxi Beihai Guanshanhai. Happy Coast Water Park

Project Name: Guangxi Beihai Guanshanhai. Happy Coast Water Park

Equipment introduction:

Space basin slides , one set of rainbow slides, 4 slides of rainbow slides , sled slides, barrel slides, leather slides, open spiral slides, circulation River, wave pool, paddling pool, pirate water, family slides, playful sketches

Detailed introduction:

GuanShanha – Joy Coast is the first large multi-function water theme park in Beibu Gulf,it is a Chna’s most style leisure destination, the project covers an area of 46,000 square meters, a total investment over RMB 100 million.

It has the largest artificial freshwater surfing beach in the area, the square meters of beach, waterfalls spiral slide, Bahamas giant bowl, Atlantis expedition water house, Aqua bound athletics area, Coconut casual stroll area, Maya Beach performing stage, seafood area. Conbine of culture, ecology, entertainment, dining and other diverse formats into one park, Beihai is a best choice for people in summer and becoming a city card.



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