Kazakhstan Astana Ailand Water Park

Brief info:
Project: Kazakhstan Ailand Water Park
Size: 12000㎡
Completed: September 2017
Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
Products: spiral slide and open slide, tornado slide, rainbow slide, space bow slide, spa, artificial wave pool, lazy River, fountain etc.

Website: www.ailand.kz


Kazakhstan Ailand Water Park located in Astana, Kazakhstan, the total area of Ailand water park is about 12000 square meters, which is one of biggest indoor water park in Kazakhstan. Since 2015 June, Vison Waterparks provides from land survey, layout design, water park equipment manufacturer, installation, commissioning, training as as turn key service on water park equipment. The indoor building is a old indoor shopping mall with aquarium and jungle park, as the old building is complicated, all the column is fixed and can not be changed, our designer make full use of the space and provide a perfect solution according to it condition. All this project is famous for the aquarium, and the aquarium is the only aquarium in the world which is 3,000 kilometers away from the sea. The experts used 120 tons of special sea salt to generate 3 million liters of artificial seawater, and built a habitat for more than 2,000 marine creatures.

The water park filled the empty of interactive equipment for this center, visitor can experience the fun by seeing and touching, rather than see the fishes and forest as before.



Kazakhstan Astana Ailand Water Park插图 Kazakhstan Astana Ailand Water Park插图1 Kazakhstan Astana Ailand Water Park插图2 Kazakhstan Astana Ailand Water Park插图3
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