Liuzhou Kerry Bay Water Park

Project Name: Liuzhou Kerry Bay Water Park

Equipment introduction:

Slide equipment: large tornado slide, giant bowl slide, boomerang slide, rainbow slide, sled slide, barrel slide, inner tube slide, open spiral slide, super water house, pirate ship, fountain, children’s small Speaker, swimming pool.

Lazy river: a total length of 400m;

Water flood: total length 200m, second phase;

Wave pool: the wave area is 5000m2;

The kids pool: the area is about 2500m2;

Aqua games (20 groups);

Swimming pool: 50m*25m, water depth 1.4~1.6m;

Spa pool:

Detailed introduction:

The project is located in the eastern part of Liuzhou City, the core part of Liudong New District. The plot is located in the Jiuziling section of Liudong New District, Liuzhou City, west of the Kaile Planet Experience Park theme park, 16 kilometers away from the center of Liuzhou. Liudong Avenue on the south side of the project connects the main city and is adjacent to the Kunming and Liunan Expressways.

According to the current planning progress, the water park will plan to become a theme water park of “Mediterranean style”, which is mainly divided into four areas: “Haitian domain”, “Haiti beach”, “Haiti illusion” and “Haiti adventure”. Each area will be set up with a different “story line”, so that Liuzhou citizens can feel the blue sky and blue sky comparable to the Mediterranean.


The planned land area of the project is 100,000 m2, the total construction area is 23,000 m2, the plot ratio is 0.2, and the water area is 18,000 m2.




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