Nanchang Poly International Iceland Water World

Brief info:
Project: Nanchang Poly International Iceland Water World
Size: 30,000㎡
Time:  estimated 2017
Location: Nanchang, Jiangxi, China
Products: Spiral slide and open slide,super bowl slide, water house, wave pool, kids slide, swimming pool

Project details:

Poly Oily Nanchang Iceland Water World is an important supporting project of Poly Mid-Levels International. The first phase of the water park covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters. The project is heavily invested in creating the first ice and snow country concept in southern China. It is expected that the annual reception capacity will exceed 2 million person-times. It accommodates tens of thousands of tourists. The project consists of Icelandic Water World, Icelandic Town, Crystal Golden Beach and Hot Springs. The first part of Iceland’s water world will be in the summer of August 2017! The world-class water park, in addition to design and equipment selection, the story of the people’s hearts and minds is indispensable. The design of the Icelandic Water World revolves around the Ice Age, a group of happy and carefree Icelandic animals. The main story of the story is a polar bear on a stormy night, blowing away from the family of the parents and brothers! every step of the ups and downs will bring you together to experience the growth of BILLY and the scene of the Icelandic water world.



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