Xiushui indoor hot spring water park

Water park area: 10,000 m2

Indoor hot spring water park project

Project address: Hot Spring Town Water Park, Xiushui County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province

Investment company: Xiushui County Hengyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Opening hours: July, 2018

Main facilities: Water play ground, wave pool, inner tube slide, space bowl slide, water play games, spa equipment, theme landscape decoration.


Xiushui Indoor waterpark, Vison Waterparks, provided waterpark researching,style development, planning and design, equipment supply and installation, thematic decoration, special inspection income, after-sale management training, the entire project will be hand-built by Vison Waterparks .

It is well understood that Xiushui • Spa town advantage, rich oxygen forest, health blessed land, 5 km from the water county, come with a five-star hotel, international conference center, health spa, indoor water park, villa, high Quality residential equal to one comprehensive health resort town, easy to achieve “life away from the city” Villa life, not so many good destination in Xiushui city for visitors. The total project area of 1,980 acres, with a total construction area of about 600,000 square meters.

Including indoor water park, the building area of 10,000 square meters, using a number of new water entertainment equipment and advanced technology, including artificial wave pool, large interactive house for children’s family play, spiral slide, super space slides, children skateboard slide, spa and so on. Hot springs in the garden area with a number of themed hot springs, comfortable temperature for four seasons, both men and women, all ages, tourists will certainly be here to experience the “water” of fun.

Spa town project will be built into the water culture, tourism, living image of the new business card of the city. The completion of the indoor water park, will significantly increase the popularity of the surrounding area to reach the business park on the peak season complement each other, to provide a leisure, health, play a good place for people in Xiujiang city.




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