Zhangzhou Baoli Changtai Ancient Lake Eco-city Hot Spring Water Park

Project Location: Zhangzhou, Fujian, China

Site area: 50000m2

Equipment: Spiral slide, lazy river, wave pool, rainbow slide, spa equipment, kids slide, aqua games

Detailed introduction:

Zhangzhou Baoli Changtai Guhu Eco-city Hot Spring Water Park is guided by the idea of the four seasons operation. There are Xiangquan Guxi Hot Spring Area and Water Park Area. The hot spring area is divided into four functions based on the Minnan culture and combined with the modern hot spring concept. The poetic and idyllic area, the Fujiang area, the idle cloud wild area, the forgotten valley (VIP) area. The whole hot spring area is based on poetry and verses, interpreting Minnan culture from four angles, and through the Xiangxi landscape throughout the project, mapping the sentiments of Minnan culture. As the main summer travel product, Tingdong Paradise is a children’s play product of all ages. It is divided into three sections: the Dreamy Joy Group, the Jungle Fantasy Adventure Group and the Parent-Child Group.


Zhangzhou Baoli Changtai Ancient Lake Eco-city Hot Spring Water Park插图

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