Daily management of water park drifting river

The drifting river in the water park, also known as the lazy river, has many things to pay attention to in daily management. The safety issue is undoubtedly the first. So where do you need to pay special attention?


First, the passengers need to be inquired during the operation of drifting river

Most of the people who like to enjoy the artificial drifting river are children or teenagers. Some tourists will violate the riding regulations in the drifting river business, causing personal and drifting equipment accidents. When the artificial drifting river runs, the operators should check the dynamics of each visitor regularly. When passengers are found to have unsafe practices or behaviors, they should be stopped in time to prevent a safety accident.


Second, the detailed inspection of the drifting river after the end of the day of business

At the end of the operation, the drifting river equipment stops working and the equipment must be inspected. Inspection items vary by model, and inspections should be recorded in the operational log using a form record.

1. Content of the completion check

2. Is there a malfunction in the safety gate?

3. Is the cockpit malfunctioning?

4. Is the operating equipment malfunctioning?

5. Whether the mechanical equipment and electrical equipment are abnormal

6. For confessing items such as forgotten by tourists, deflation valves for air compressors, and blocking power supplies.


Third, record the business of the day

1. Before the daily operation, strictly check the contents of the drifting river morning inspection, and carefully fill in the records one by one.

2. If the equipment is repaired properly or the equipment is defective, damaged or repaired, the location of the repaired equipment, the name of the replacement, the time, and the list of repaired personnel should be kept.

3. After the operation of the drifting river, the operation time, the number of times, the passenger flow rate, and the time when the equipment has problems are recorded in the operation log.



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