Discussion on water quality in water park

With the wind and water in the water parks in recent years, there are scenes of popularity in the summer gardens every year. Many people will inevitably have doubts. Is the safety and sanitation of the water park reliable? Let’s talk about it as below.

In terms of water quality, whether it is a physical filtration barrier or a chemical injection, it should be combined in daily operations. The operations of water treatment, including hydration, water release, and drug administration, must be used well and well managed.

  1. The technical performance configuration of the water treatment equipment must meet the requirements. Sand tank filtration, back washing, etc. are available, but the product must be qualified and the process qualified. Now there are many filtration processes and various methods, but at the same time the investment is not small.
  2. Strictly implement the technical requirements for equipment use. At present, there is a problem that water treatment technicians are not on duty at night, but the operation of water treatment should be operated 24 hours to avoid problems with water quality.
  3. Timed water quality testing.
  4.  special circumstances to strengthen outdoor artificial medicine to purify water.
  5. ,the water treatment equipment is best to protect the 24-hour cycle.
  6. The hydration system is used normally.




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