How to extend the service life of water rides?

Water play facilities/equipment life has always been a hot topic. For the investment in water parks, the service life is equivalent to the profit guarantee, and the service life given by the water park equipment manufacturers is generally 10-15 years. Why are there such different parameters? In addition to the quality of production, water recreation facilities/equipment, just like the surface of automobiles, affects the service life will involve maintenance problems during use, there are many factors such as different climates in various regions.

Let’s take a look at the water rides/equipment—water slide materials, quality requirements and maintenance knowledge:

A. The surface of the water slide should be smooth and free of cracks and uniform in color tone. The glass fiber reinforced plastic used should meet at least three requirements: the resin should have good water resistance and aging resistance; the fiberglass should be made of alkali-free glass fiber, and the fiber surface should be smooth; slide thickness should not be less than 6mm, flange thickness should not be less than 9mm.

B. the inner surface of the slide of the water slide is not allowed to have small holes, wrinkles, bubbles, poor curing, poor impregnation, cracks, defects, etc.; the back side is not allowed to have problems such as poor curing, poor impregnation, defects, burrs, etc.

C. water recreation facilities / equipment maintenance:

  1. Before the daily opening, the slides should be inspected to see if the slides have exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, water leaks, etc.
  2. Whether the water treatment equipment is operating normally to ensure the supply of water for the lubricating water of the slide and the sinking pool of the slide.
  3. Check and fasten the connectors regularly.
  4. The load-bearing parts should be inspected regularly to see if the structure has cracks and bending deformation. In order to replace it in time.
  5. Slides should be covered with plastic cloth or coarse cloth during winterto prevent aging, fading, cracks, etc. which caused by ultraviolet radiation. The slot section of the slide shall be replaced (or repaired) in time, and the slide interface shall be treated in time if it is not flat, inverted or has a crack.
  6. The surface paint layer of the metal component should be checked for detachment or fading during non-use. If there is peeling or peeling, it should be replenished.
  7. Regularly organize safety inspection and maintenance, and find that there are water, sand and gravel on the slide surface, and should be cleaned and polished with cotton cloth or sandpaper in time.

If slide was managed in good condition, the service life of water park equipment can be over 15 years.



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