Idea of water park investment

Summer is coming, people will go to the water park for carnival, theme parks and water parks, rafting and other scenic spots will increase in the number of tickets. As the consumption habits of the citizens change, more and more citizens can directly book or buy ticket by mobile phone. Park tickets, summer months is the peak season, commonly known as dumplings(too crowed), water park play projects and word of mouth determine the stability of passenger flow.

Because the water park is an emerging industry, it is developing rapidly, management is lagging behind, and talents are not enough for so many water park. However, the industry is constantly advancing, and the development of water park equipment is also oriented.


Analysis of the entire water park business in the world, it is not difficult to find large water parks, a large water park radiates near several cities, the big water park is good, but the development will be restrictive, so the development of small water park will have an advantage for investors and will be more in line with the development needs of the market and will be more successful. The development of small-scale theme water parks, low investment, short construction time, customized water park equipment according to needs, with high flexibility, can adjust the direction to adapt to the mainstream market at any time.


The water park can be developed in collaboration with other tourism resources in the city, and the integration of the tourism industry can also increase the traffic of the water park, for example, together with local cinemas, kids’ parks, land amusement park, food court, leisure projects etc. Form a theme play cluster.


The water park is divided into an indoor water park and an outdoor water park. Compared to the summer outdoor water park, the indoor water park has the advantage of providing a place all year round. It is not affected by the season and the weather, and the operation time is long. The indoor water park caIdea of water park investment插图n be Together with swimming pools, leisure streets, shopping malls, etc., commercial consumption and entertainment play complement each other and develop into a comprehensive commercial entertainment venue.


To establish a water park, we must fully consider the regional population, economy and radiation range, make good use of the construction industry around the venue, and develop a comprehensive, linked amusement park that combines amusement and business to make investment more valuable and fast return of investment.



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