On-site investigation

On-site investigation refers to a method of investigation conducted on the spot. Its main purpose is to obtain the actual situation on site and provide basic data and a basis for subsequent design and construction work. So, what exactly is the content of on-site investigation?

The content of on-site survey includes observing and recording the topography, geomorphology, hydrology, meteorology and other natural environments of the survey area. It is also necessary to survey the artificial environment such as buildings, facilities, roads, bridges and so on in the survey area. At the same time, underground pipelines, cables, etc. also need to be detected and measured. In addition, site surveys also require an assessment of environmental factors, such as noise, vibration, pollution, etc.

In addition, on-site surveys also need to understand and record the economic, historical, cultural, social and other factors of the survey area. For example, historical and cultural relics, residents’ living environment, etc. These factors have an important impact on subsequent planning, design, construction and other aspects.

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