Surf simulator double Flowrider

Wave simulator  not only attract visitors to the surfer, but also attract visitors to stop and watch the highly skilled surfers who shows their stunts on the world’s best layered spray. Our fixed wave simulator  can meet both your active passenger needs (surfers who join the surf) and passive passengers (stopping the visitors to watch the surf show) and boost revenue and profitability.


Wave simulator has two specifications: single wave simulator and double wave simulator. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor water park, shopping mall, public pool, fitness center, with small footprint, novelty and excitement.


Size 18.7*13.4m
Minimum space 279㎡
Control system PLC
Power 165KW
Capacity 2 visitors/time



Surf simulator double Flowrider插图 Surf simulator double Flowrider插图1 Surf simulator double Flowrider插图2 Surf simulator double Flowrider插图3 Surf simulator double Flowrider插图4 Surf simulator double Flowrider插图5

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