Fiberglass filter model D1000 D1200

High working pressure 2.5kg/cm2 (35psi) high withstand temperature 50°C (122F) working pressure 4kg/cm2 can be customized according to the need to protect the cylinder body with UV protection polyurethane protective layer; ergonomically designed six-way valve; anti-chemical corrosion; There are pressure gauges that monitor the operating pressure; the back washing function requires simple operation, eliminating the need for additional maintenance costs; large-diameter bottom sanding facilitates cleaning or replacement of sand in the tank.



Model Tank diameter Valve port Filter area Flow Sand Height
VSD1000 1000mm 50mm 0.79m2 34m2 700KG 1400mm
VSD1200 1200mm 50mm 1.13m2 42m2 1100KG 1400mm



Fiberglass filter model D1000 D1200插图

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