King Cobra Slide

King Cobra water slide is based on riders to play the stimulation and visual experience in research and development of new slide, the overall shape is like a winding lurking in the water inside the park “King Cobra” in open mouth, the overall effect of the slide in accordance with the cobra in the packing line, part of the spiral is like a snake curled up, Head of cobra decorated like Cobra spit a dangerous signal, riders from the 18-meter-high platform, through out spiral slide high-speed access to the head of cobra, after head cyclotron finally stop. The whole process to riders stunning color visual sense experience and intense speed of experience.


Platform height 17m
Slide width 18m
Slide length 102m
Floor space 18x48m
Slide mode 2 vistors/tube,two tube/time
Maximum capacity 480 visitors/h



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