Safe operation management process of water park

Safe operation management process of water park

  1. Construction of safety system.
  2. Make safety management system;
  3. Sign the safety responsibility book;
  4. Integrate safety into the performance appraisal system;
  5. Establishment of a security reward and punishment system;


  1. Cultivation of safety awareness.
  2. Safety awareness training;
  3. Conduct safety awareness guidance for tourists;


III. Safety operation training.

  1. Regular maintenance of water park equipment;
  2. The operator holds the certificate;


Iv. Security clearance

  1. Check security risks at any time;
  2. Timely rectification of security risks;


  1. Safety emergency drill
  2. Make contingency plans for different situations;
  3. Simulated practical safety emergency drill;


  1. Safety accident analysis.
  2. Analyze the safety accidents that have occurred;
  3. Make corrections to the analysis results.

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