Safety Survey of Water Park

The first impression of the public on water park is that the water park is popular, colorful, and flow, etc. But the more impressive thing is that the number of casualties caused by its safety accidents and the loss of group death. Safety is a lifeline for water parks, and a serious safety accident can destroy a water park project.

The last five years have been a rapid development period of water parks, and news of safety accidents on water parks has appeared frequently. Every time we see stories about children getting hurt or even dying during a water park trip, we are all gut-wrenching. Are water parks really that unsafe?

The reason is that the negligence in the management process is the most important factor that causes the safety accidents. In June, a water park device was pulled up by wind and children fell from the sky to a serious fall, it is because that the operator ignored the attention of the water park manufacturer regarding the use of the products in the course of operation, which caused the illegal operation. Most water park merchants have this description of products: when there is wind in the air, it is necessary to fix the windbreaker. When the wind is greater than 5 level, the operation should be considered and the installation of the fixed windproof belt must be securely and reliably.

According to the general administration of quality supervision of China and the big data of the media, the conclusion of the summary analysis of the safety accidents caused by water parks is as follows:

There are two main reasons for safety accidents:
1. Operation procedures are not strictly followed;
2. The quality of the amusement equipment is inferior.

There are four common causes of safety accidents:
1. Tourists’ own mistakes;
2. External factors such as weather and climate;
3. Hidden dangers of engineering construction and equipment installation;
4. Planning and design mistakes.

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