Six Factors in Project Site Selection

Is the project site suitable for building a water park? How big a water park should be? What kind of water park should select? These issues need to be considered when planning and positioning the water park in the early stage. Specifically, the following factors should be considered:

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(1) Population

The population represents the target market and is also important reference data for the future income calculation of the project. Generally speaking, the target population of the water park refers to the flip crowd with a driving radius of 1.5 hours. The population base also determines the scale of investment in the water park. If the population base is not enough, the investment risk is very high to build a super large water park. of.

(2) Meteorological conditions

Weather is one of the most important factors affecting water parks. Therefore, when planning a water park, the meteorological conditions of the project site must be considered. Including the number of calendar days above 30°C, rainy weather in summer, night temperature, etc. These meteorological conditions determine the operating time of the water park, whether it has the conditions to open a night show, whether to build an outdoor or indoor water park and so on.

(3) Consumption level

The consumption level of the residents at the site of the project directly affects the pricing policy of the future water park, and also determines the construction quality and grade of the water park.

(4) Competitors

Competitors include direct competitors and indirect competitors. Direct competitors generally refer to those within 100 kilometers. For other water parks, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and analysis of their scale, quality, equipment selection, marketing, etc. Indirect competitors generally refer to theme parks, parent-child parks, ocean parks, etc., which may cause certain competition for future water parks.

(5) Traffic conditions

Traffic status refers to the accessibility of future tourists to the water park, including self-driving routes, urban public transportation (bus, subway, etc.), intercity transportation, etc. Whether the traffic is convenient will directly affect the number of people entering the water park.

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(6) Core competitiveness

Investors must think about what kind of core competitiveness the water park will have in the future. What are the competitive advantages compared with other water parks, especially those with the direct market competition? Simply put, core competitiveness is the unique advantages that no one else has and can fully attract the market, including unique theme culture, location advantages, reasonable equipment selection, perfect supporting facilities, high-quality services, etc. Key elements at the heart of a successful water park

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