SWOT analysis of water park investment

As one of the many recreational forms of entertainment in China, the water park has its characteristics and opportunities, which are also very different from other amusement style, film and television factory and land mobile amusement parks. Below we will analyze the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and threats of the water park to get a comprehensive understanding of the water park.


Advantage analysis

  1. The water park is a good place to cool off in summer. It combines entertainment, fun and excitement. The group of tourists is relatively wide. There are children, youth, middle-aged and old people, and the whole family can be collectively dispatched. In addition to being very entertaining, it also incorporates culture.
  2. The water park has broken geographical restrictions. Many visitors who live in the interior can experience the feeling of being on the lakeside and the waterfront at their doorstep. In addition, the water park also introduces foreign culture during construction, allowing visitors to experience cultural feasts and exotic customs in different places.
  3. As an emerging theme park, the water park itself is a unique tourism product and tourism resource. Its development history is relatively short (the first water park was established in 1985), so its development space is large and it is very attractive to tourists.

Disadvantage analysis

  1. The quality of the water is good or bad. Water parks are a luxury water consumption project. For tourists, the quality of water is one of the most important factors for their choice. The maintenance of water quality is not only a time-consuming but expensive thing.
  2. Strong seasonality, small radiation range, and short-term customers. Seasonal strength is the biggest objective limitation of water parks. Due to seasonal restrictions, the water park has a maximum opening time of only five or six months. Maintenance costs are high when not open. How to avoid this disadvantage is the key to the long-term survival of the water park. In addition, some cities have smaller radiation ranges, mainly based on local residents.
  3. The pressure of investment recovery is great, and similar products can replace competitors. Due to the strong seasonality, the annual business hours are limited, and the opening revenue cannot fill the loss of business. In addition, with the expansion of investment in water parks, competition has increased dramatically. A single form of water park can not meet the operational needs. It must rely on multi-brand culture, control investment scale, brand joint promotion, innovative marketing operation ideas, target its own water park to highlight its own characteristics, highlight its own characteristics, and combine social hotspots or cultural focus. Themed events attract more visitors.
  4. Water park equipment has high damage rate and strong reproducibility. Operators are required to carry out various maintenance and maintenance every spring to ensure safety. For the park, the renewal of the water rides is a big expense, and the equipment that can be used is as good as possible. But over time, many of the old devices that were once used were copied by other paradise or old-aged – for the tourists, the old equipment will reduce their interest in play.


Opportunity analysis

  1. With the steady development of China’s economy, people’s income level continues to increase, the tertiary industry and tourism industry continue to mature, and people’s consumption concepts are constantly changing. More and more people are willing to go out and spend money to travel and enjoy. This provides a large consumption space for the development of water parks. In addition, as the Chinese tourism market opens to foreign countries, many foreigners also come to China to travel, and they naturally become potential consumers of water parks.
  2. The development of creative industries and the advancement of technology have provided tremendous support for water parks. Innovation and technology are guarantees for the existence of water parks. The perfect combination of high technology and innovation can overcome the shortcomings of water parks and extend their life cycle.
  3. As an emerging theme park, the water park is an important part of tourism resources. Its integration with other tourism resources can greatly promote the development of tourism in a region, and is therefore valued and supported by government departments. As an emerging industry, in the current shortage of supply, the majority of developers are willing to invest in water parks on the premise of seeing huge benefits.


Threat analysis

  1. The threat of the same industry. The current situation shows that in recent years, investment in water parks has shown an upward trend, and even the momentum of overheated investment has emerged. China’s largest and largest publicity slogans in Asia abound, with an area of ​​land and investment. Hundreds of water parks across the country are open for competition in the summer to compete for limited consumers, and the pressure of competition can be imagined. In addition, the water park is imitative in terms of hardware, and high-tech water recreation facilities are easily copied by other water parks. Therefore, any water park that wants to survive in a brutal competitive environment must strengthen the software construction of the park.
  2. The threat of an alternative product. As a kind of theme park, the water park is easily replaced by other emerging theme parks. In addition, the indoor pool and other water sports activities are strong competitors of the water park.
  3. Security threats. The water park is a very stimulating leisure activity that requires a high level of safety. This is an important issue that cannot be ignored by any paradise. The reason why security is regarded as a threat to water parks is that once the water park has a problem with safety, it is likely to cause a big decline in brand reputation and even lead directly to the bankruptcy of the park.
  4. The economic recession threatens. As a tourism product and tourism resource, its consumption elasticity index is high. It is inevitably affected by economic conditions. In times of economic depression, it is most likely to be directly affected.

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