The first phase of Zhuzhou Yunlong Water Park is expected to open this summer.

It is noted that the first phase of Yunlong Water Park, the largest large-scale water theme park in Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, is currently under construction, and the door can be opened as soon as possible in late July.

According to the person in charge of the project, the construction of the basement of the reception center was basically completed, and the construction of a main frame was about to begin. Earthwork excavation of water park equipment such as giant beast bowl slides, wave pools, spiral combination slides, etc., equipment installation began at the end of this month. Synchronous cross-operations were taken in the park to catch up. It is understood that the surf pool under construction is a bright spot and a difficult point. It covers an area of more than 8,000 square meters and introduces internationally leading large computer room equipment, where it can be “no wind and no waves”.

Yunlong Water Park invests 202 million yuan, covers an area of 140 acres, integrates entertainment, leisure, vacation, catering and other functions, with the theme of Mediterranean culture, creating a dreamy water kingdom with surrounding water systems and numerous amusement projects. The construction of recreational water surfaces, amusement facilities, beach areas and reception centers can accommodate 30,000 visitors every day.


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