Top 20 Water Parks in the World

According to the report, the number of visitors to the world’s top 20 water parks reached 31.1 million in 2019, an increase of 0.6% over 2018. China’s Chimelong Water Park ranked first, with 3.01 million visitors in 2019.

Top 20 Water Parks in the World

Rank Park Location 2019 Attendance/Growth

1. Chimelong Water Park (CHIMELONG WATER PARK) China, Guangzhou 3.014 million people/10.0%

2. TYPHOON LAGOON AT DISNEY WORLD Orlando, Florida, USA 2.248 million people/-1.0%

3. BLIZZARD BEACH AT DISNEY WORLD (BLIZZARD BEACH AT DISNEY WORLD) Orlando, Florida, 1.983 million people/-1.0%

4. THERME ERDING Germany, Erding 1.85 million people/23.3%

5. THERMAS DOS LARANJAIS Water Park, Brazil, Olympia 1.845 million people/-6.4%

6. Bahamas AQUAVENTURE WATERPARK Bahamas, Paradise Island 1.813 million people/-1.0%

7. Volcano Bay (VOLCANO BAY) USA, Florida, Orlando 1.811 million people/5.0%

8. Orlando Water World (AQUATICA) United States, Florida, Orlando 1.533 million people/-1.5%

9. HOT PARK RIO QUENTE water park, Brazil, Caldas 1.469 million people/2.1%

10. Wuhu Fantawild Water Park (WUHU FANTAWILD WATER PARK) China, Wuhu 1.348 million people/-0.9%

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11. Caribbean Bay Water Park (CARIBBEAN BAY) South Korea, Gyeonggi-do 1.333 million people/11.1%

12. AQUAVENTURE WATER PARK (AQUAVENTURE WATER PARK) UAE, Dubai 1.322 million people/5.4%

13. AQUAPALACE Czech Republic, Prague 1.300 million people/0.9%

14. Tropic Islands (TROPICAL ISLANDS) Germany, Krausnik 1.233 million people/2.8%

15. Wuhan Maya Water Park (PLAYA MAYA WATER PARK) China, Wuhan 1.210 million people/12.0%

16. Atlantis Water Park (AQUAVENTURE ATLANTIS) China, Sanya 1.200 million people/100.0%

16. Sunway Water Park (SUNWAY LAGOON) Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 1.200 million people/-7.7%

16. Siam Park (SIAM PARK) Spain, Santa Cruz Tenerife Island 1.200 million people/-0.8%

19. WET ‘N’ WILD GOLD COAST Australia, Gold Coast 1.120 million people/0.0%

20. Ocean World (OCEAN WORLD) South Korea, Gangwon-do 1.071 million people/-15.3%

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