Unprofessional maintenance and refurbishment will shorten the service life of equipment

After some water park equipment has reached the end of its service life, it has to be postponed in order to continue to use it. At present, most parks choose their own maintenance personnel for maintenance or find non-professionals such as individuals for maintenance, and there is a phenomenon of unprofessional maintenance. There are even those who use paint instead of gel coat to repair the slide, use paint to renovate the gel coat on the inner surface of the slide, and some use an angle grinder to widen the seam and fill it with putty to repair the water leakage of the slide, which seriously damages the slide. In addition, some equipment in some parks do not deal with serious water leakage, and does not clean up the scale, as long as they think it can be used, which will cause water leakage to cause equipment corrosion and shorten the life of the equipment; scale affects the friction coefficient of the slideway, affects the sliding speed and sliding track, and increases security risks, etc.


Therefore, unprofessional maintenance will only make the water park wear and tear more serious. In the scope of supervision, water slides are special equipment, and they are included in the scope of special equipment supervision. They should abide by the laws and regulations of special equipment. Some parks allow personal maintenance for cost considerations. Non-professional and inadequate maintenance will cause safety accidents, and professional maintenance is imperative.



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