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  • Why Investing Water Park is So Popular?
    Why Investing Water Park is So Popular?
    on 2019-4-20

    There are six advantages. 1. People love to play water. 2. Water park is suitable for families with spa and hot spring included. 3. It’s big enough for visitors and the ages range from young to old. 4. With good mass base, there is no need to promote water park market. 5. Various rides will make visitor want to play […]

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  • 3 Ways for Water Park Fun
    3 Ways for Water Park Fun
    on 2013-5-9

    Plan your time at the water park well and you should be in for a fun-filled day. There are 3 ways for Water park Fun: 1. Choose your park carefully. If there are several within reach of your accommodation, decide what is important to you: Adrenalin-pumping slides and rides; a mixed water and theme park; or a day of relaxing […]

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