Water Park Equipment Maintenance Tips

In order to prolong the service life of the slides in the water park, the slide maintenance work is done every year after the water park is closed.

Work after closing

① Drainage: Drain the accumulated water in the pipeline, falling pool, and balance pool, prevent freezing damage in the northern region, prevent long-term immersion in the pool and equipment in the south, and eliminate the accumulated water in the slide. The gel coat on the surface of the slide is densely packed after long-term accumulated water soaking Small bubbling, which will cause damage to the slide;

②Repair: regularly repair parts damaged by operation, polishing and waxing, especially waxing must be done;

③Enclose and wrap the outdoor slides, and do a good job of anti-ultraviolet, anti-frost, anti-snow, and waterproof work, especially the ultraviolet rays can seriously damage the gel coat of the slides, especially in areas with strong ultraviolet rays. The slides that are not well protected are about 3 years old Visible fading will occur and the equipment will look very old, so equipment must cover very well so as to keep it bright.



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