What You Need to Know before Add a Water Park to Hotel?

Numerous hotel owners are considering adding an indoor water park to their existing hotel as a way to boost occupancy levels and revenues at their property.The following are what you need to know before to add a water park to your hotel.

1.During what months/seasons do the property have the lowest occupancy rates?

2.What days of the week does the property achieve its highest occupancy rates? What is days of the week the property currently slowest?

3.Are the guest rooms at the property large enough for a family of four or five to utilize the room when visiting the indoor water park?

4.Does the property have the land area to build an indoor water park equipment connected to the hotel and additional space for expansion at a later point?

5.Is the property’s management team capable of implementing an indoor water park addition to the property as well as managing the major change in operation?

6.How many other indoor water parks are currently in the market and how many are proposed?

7.What demand will segments be negatively impacted if greater numbers of children and families are in the hotel?


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