How long does it take to build a water park?

The water park is basically divided into two parts.

First, it is the civil construction part;

Second, the manufacture and installation of water amusement facilities;

The civil works are generally completed by local enterprises or construction teams, mainly from the perspective of cost, material transportation and speed are relatively fast. Resources are also better deployed, and the civil construction cycle depends on the local weather and construction units, project size. It is different indoors and outdoors.

The water park equipment manufacturing and installation is carried out by qualified water amusement facilities manufacturers. Starting from the planning and design of the water park, it is about 2-6 months. The influencing factor is the factory order arrangement, equipment quantity and size of the water amusement facilities manufacturers. Others are factors that can be changed by human resources.

Civil engineering companies and water amusement facilities can be carried out at the same time, but some need to have a sequence, for example, the water amusement facilities are produced, and the civil construction has not yet been completed, then it is necessary to complete the civil construction first.

In summary, the construction period of a medium-sized water park is normally 6-12 months.

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How long does it take to build a water park?



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