How big is the land needed and how much money is needed for water park?

Before the answer, we should understand what is water park?

A backyard swimming pool with a inflatable toys can be named a water park, it may be only 50m2;

A big amusement park with wave pool system, lazy river, all kind of water slides, such as Guangzhou Chimelong Waterpark, it is a water park, area reach 290000m2;

That is to say ,the water park land size and the amount of investment is not fixed, a project to be profitable and valuable, we can not simply take over the formula or template set, it must be combined with the local market and resources, make rational analysis of investment and the reasonable selection for water park equipment, build the thematic decoration and the attraction, then combine with good management and marketing, finally you can make a project profitable and value-added.

If you are going to build a water park, kindly suggest you that confirm the following detail:

  1. Is your land available? Is it a good location? How big it is?
  2. Is there any water park competitor in your city?
  3. How much money as budget?
  4. Do you have any idea in your mind about water equipment selection?
  5. What is your idea about the dream water park?

And then contact the water park equipment factory with all above answers, they will give a very good proposal to you. Beside, the cost of water park construction are mainly make of water park equipment cost, civil work cost and thematic decoration cost. And the water park equipment cost are varied from countries, it may be 1 – 4 times.

Keep in your mind, the only aim of building a water park is making money. You will find the exact answer to this question.

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