How much does it cost to invest a 50000m2 water park?

How much does it cost to invest a 500 m2, 1000 m2, 5000 m2, 10000 m2, 30000 m2, 50000 m2, 80000 m2, or even over 100,000 m2 water parks? Especially when the water park is built in the peak season, many customers contact us to ask how much does it cost to invest in a water park? Before that we need to know how big the water park is. What water park equipment should I buy? The price of different equipment is also very different.

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Small and medium-sized water parks generally refer to water park projects with area of ​​about 5,000 m2 to 20,000 m2, and the investment cost of water parks mainly consists of land costs, water park equipment cost, ancillary service facilities, site construction cost, staff expenses, water and electric cost. The cost is composed of above several aspects. For the convenience of comparison and calculation, we take the 20,000m2 water park as an example to calculate the data: if the land of water park is rented, the cost of land will be determined by the region, far from city or near the city, the location and other factors. According to the principle of site selection, the site should be selected not far from the urban area. Basically, the water park equipment cost for a 20,000m2 water park in small and medium-sized cities is about USD1000,000 in China. If it is own land, this land cost can be ignored.

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Vison Waterparks take a 50,000 m2 of large water parks as an example to simulate the investment and return analy: civil construction costs about USD7.2 million, including tsunami pool civil construction, reception ceneter, drifting river civil works, water slides civil construction, greening, simple landscape, parking lot, locker room , toilets, ticket offices, parking lots, etc., also include other catering, changing clothes, showers, computer rooms, waiting for accessibility and other auxiliary functions. The cost of water park equipment is about USD4.0 million (can be more or less), including large water slides, kids slides, large water house, artificial wave equipment, drifting river equipment, and water play games. The initial investment in staff costs, advertising costs, and planning is about USD0.8 million.


First, the main construction costs:

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Total investment cost: US$15,500,000.00

Second, the annual turnover forecast:

In the peak season, the estimated number of visitors is about 5,000, and in the off-season, the estimated number of visitors is about 2,500.

The peak season is about 90 days, and the remaining 275 days is off season.

Peak season ticket Income

90 days * 5,000 visitors/ day × 20 USD / ticket= USD9,000,000.00

Peak season retail income (rental, food, beverages, services, etc.)

USD9,000,000.00* 20% = USD1,800,000.00

Off- season gate ticket income

275 days* 2,500 people/day × 20 USD /person =USD 13,750,000.00

Off-season retail income (rental, food, beverages, services, etc.)

USD 13,750,000.00 *20%= USD 2,750,000.00

Total annual income: USD9,000,000.00 + USD1,800,000.00  + USD 13,750,000.00 + USD 2,750,000.00  = USD 27,300,000.00


Second, monthly expenditure forecast:

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  1. Salary expenses (monthly): US$177,350.00
  2. Monthly depreciation of buildings, equipment, gardens and supporting facilities for the first five years: 510,000.00
  3. Interest expense: USD15,500,000.00 × 15% ÷ 12= USD 193,750.00
  4. Electricity fee: 2000KW × 14 hours / day × 30 days ×USD 0.3 / KW= USD 252,000.00
  5. Water Consumption: 3000CBM * 10% * 0.4 USD/CBM * 30 days= USD 3,600.00
  6. Maintenance: 10,000.00
  7. Additional expenses: advertising, promotion, reception etc.: USD 30,000.00

Monthly recurrent expenditure of 1 to 6 total: USD 1,176,700.00, lets say: USD 1,200,000.00


Annual operating cost: USD 1,200,000.00  * 12 months = USD 14,400,000.00

Profit before tax: USD 27,300,000.00 – USD 14,400,000.00 = USD 12,900,000.00

Third, the annual net profit after tax (tax rate 30%):

USD 12,900,000.00*(1-30%)=USD 9,030,000.00


Fourth, the return period:

US$15,500,000.00 /USD 9,030,000.00 = 1.7 year

That is to say, a 50000 m2 water park, it will take around US$15,5 million for the investment in the beginning , if all condition are operated  in a reasonable situation, investor will take around 2 years to earn back the investment.



  1. This statistic is a rough simulation. All the data is obtained according to Vison Waterparks experience, it cannot be used as an investment basis, for reference only;
  2. All the cost are based on China condition, such as civil work, labor, water park equipment. Different country may be different condition, for reference only;
  3. The main investment cost can be high or low. In the case of  same water park area, the water park equipment can be more or less, and the theme landscape packaging has a wide range of changes, for reference only;
  4. The ticket income is the estimated number of tourists, and the ticket price is extremely conservative, for reference only;
  5. The monthly expenditure is not included in the water cost, the land cost, disinfectant cost, and other daily consumables, for reference only.

In fact, the Water Park Investment Feasibility Study Report is a charged service of Vison Waterparks. For more information about water park investment and construction, please contact Vison Waterparks directly through Whatsapp, mobile and Wehcat: +86 139 22323263.  Email: [email protected], or welcome to visit our website:


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