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  • Kids Water Park Equipment
    Kids Water Park Equipment
    on 2016-11-28

    The kids water park equipment play slide is always used for enterprise purposes to run in a closed area and carry vacationers enjoyment facilities. With the improvement of science, the machinery, electricity, light, sound, water, power and other superior technology are used by the progress of the society, the cutting-edge leisure laptop, and enjoyment services completely. And we can cherish […]

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  • Water park equipment: mini boomerang water slide
    Water park equipment: mini boomerang water slide
    on 2016-5-12

    Vison Waterparks founded in 2013, is a professional fiberglass water slide manufacturer in China, offering turn-key service on water park construction. We are specialized in water park investment research, planning, designing, manufacturing, installation and operation management service. For more information about water park investment and construction, please contact Vison Waterparks directly through Whatsapp, mobile and Wehcat: +86 139 22323263.  Email: [email protected], […]

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  • Notice -Children safety in water park
    Notice -Children safety in water park
    on 2016-4-8

    Parents should always directly supervise their children, especially if children are young or weak swimmers. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when visiting a water park. – Children under 1.2m, non-swimmers, and weak swimmers should wear a Coast Guard approved life vest while enjoying water park attractions. Bring your own if you are unsure of availability and […]

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  • What are water park equipment manufacturers doing in winter?
    What are water park equipment manufacturers doing in winter?
    on 2015-12-24

    As everyone knows, the hot summer is the peak season for the operation of water park equipment. Every operation place will be in a state of bursting. As soon as we enter the cold water, it is like a joy, and happiness and laughter are full of Waterpark! In the cold winter, Water park equipment all over the place seems […]

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