Comparison the advantages and disadvantages of water park investment

The water park is one of the theme amusement parks with a large tourist attraction. Most of the entertainment facilities are related to water and belong to recreational artificial tourist attractions. There are swimming pools, artificial surfing, water slides and so on.

Hot situation

With the development of economy, people’s income level and consumption level have increased significantly, which has promoted the continuous development and maturity of the tertiary industry and tourism industry. As a theme park, the water park has unique cultural connotation, scientific and technological content and strong The entertainment function has become the hottest star in the current urban tourism products. Almost every city with a population of more than 1 million is planning, launching or operating. The overall situation is extremely hot.

In China, the development of water parks has experienced three periods: the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century; 2005-2009; 2010 to present.

From the 1990s to the beginning of the 21st century: a few water parks were concentrated in the first-tier cities of Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, and there was a period of prosperity. Nowadays, they are mostly declining because they cannot adapt to the changes in market demand.


From 2005 to 2009, the water park’s land occupation scale showed an upward trend, and the development was more optimistic.


Since 2010, the paradise has been blooming all over the country. Most provinces and cities have their own water parks. Large-scale, novel and exciting are the development features of water parks in this period. From a financial perspective, the water parks that have been introduced to the market in the past few years, no matter what they do, no matter where they are located, the operating profit rate will not be lower than 40%. The profit is affirmative. The question is how to make investment more efficient. .


Investment advantage

The construction period is short; the return period is short.

The current water parks are basically showing the scene of “a sea of people” during the operation period. The construction period of a water park is usually only 0.5-1 years. In the normal operation, the cost can be recovered in the previous year and the profitable period in the third year. Some water parks with ideal business conditions have started to return and profit in the first year. Water parks that have been in a state of non-return have a direct relationship with their investment plans. As an emerging theme park, the water park integrates with other tourism resources and can greatly promote the development of tourism in a region. Therefore, it is valued and supported by the government. As an emerging industry, under the current shortage of supply, the vast number of developers are willing to invest in the water park industry on the premise of seeing huge benefits.

Disadvantage observation

Disadvantage 1: lack of management talents, extensive management

Among the factors affecting the profit and loss of water park projects, the proportion of equipment does not exceed 50%. The more important factors are project investment planning, operation management and marketing. Investing in a water park must be based on the long-term and develop a professional operational solution to make the investment risk of the water park smaller. Due to the rapid development of the water park industry, the lack of professional talents and extensive management.


Disadvantage 2: Project replication

Many water parks developed now lack clear themes and cultural creativity, project reproduction, equipment pile up, use real estate development and construction ideas and techniques to plan, build and operate water parks, and the professional requirements of modern water parks are far away, and that is the main reason for the elimination of a large number of water parks in China within 5 years.


Disadvantage 3: equipment quality is uneven

Driven by market demand, water amusement facilities are developing in a more rapid and stimulating direction. In the analysis and statistics of the inspection facilities of amusement facilities in recent years, it is found that a series of quality problems such as imperfect qualification materials and inadequate safety maintenance and safety problems still exist. Once a safety issue occurs in a water park, it is likely to cause the park to go bankrupt. The scientific, standardization and standardization of facilities and equipment need to be strengthened.


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