Home Use Water Slide Maintenance

Daily Inspections

Daily inspections of your water slide are an important part of maintaining your investment as well as providing safety. Each day, before using your Water Slide, the homeowner should perform an inspection of the water slide. The inspection should include, but not be limited to, checking for:

Obstructions in the slide path

Cracks, chips, or bubbles in the sliding surface

Rough patch work at joints or cracks

Leaking seals or joints

Excessive movement of the flume

Opening up of joints

Static water level in splashdown pool area

Water quality

As a final check of your Pool Water Slide the homeowner should make the first ride on the water slide. If any of the above items are discovered during the daily inspection, they should be addressed immediately.

Routine Inspections/Maintenance

Our Water Slides are designed in such a way that they require little maintenance. However, we do recommend routine inspections and periodic maintenance in order to extend the lifetime usability of your investment. Proper maintenance is the key to extending the life of your slide and enjoying it for years to come! Your fiberglass flume sections are a lot like a new car in terms of their exposure to the elements and how they weather. They do not need to be repainted or caulked, but they do need to be washed, waxed, and repaired routinely in order to protect their original luster. Below are some of our recommendations for keeping your fiberglass flume sections looking their best.

How should I take care of my water slide?

Wash monthly or more frequently, if needed. Wash with mild soap such as dishwashing soap; avoid using strong alkaline cleaners or abrasives.

Wax the flume sections at least twice during the operating season with a good grade paste wax formulated for gel coat surfaces.

Winterizing and Spring Cleanup

Properly winterizing your Water Slide in the fall is “Preventative Maintenance” at its best! Taking steps now to prevent Start-up Problems and unnecessary expenses next Spring is time wisely spent.

Because a Vison Waterparks water slide is primarily fiberglass, it’s important that the fiberglass components be washed and then waxed prior to the end of the season. Wash with mild soap such as dish washing soap. Avoid using strong alkaline cleaners or abrasives. Wax the flume sections with a good grade paste wax formulated for gel coat surfaces.

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