How does wave pool work?

The wave pool is the most popular traditional project in the current water park, and it belongs to the artificial simulation of the sea wave environment. It is generally the largest pool among all swimming pools in the water park, and it is also the most creative atmosphere. The undulating layers of waves on the water always bring the excitement of the visitors, so that some foreign water parks have only build such a large pool to make the visitors happy. At present, most of the parks use wave generation methods such as air blow waves, vacuum waves and plate-type waves.

  1. Air pumpartificial wave equipment

The blast-type artificial wave-making equipment is mainly composed of a gas chamber, a high pressure air blower, a valve production mechanism, a speed governing mechanism, a duct system, a control system, etc., and is characterized by a simple structure, and its working principle is: the wind flow blown by a high pressure fan Introducing a gas chamber, through the continuous pumping/discharging air, pressurizing the free surface of the gas chamber to generate waves. By changing the frequency of the pumping/exhaust flow and the size of the airflow, the size and length of the waves can be changed. The blast-type artificial wave has a wave height of 0.5-1.2 meters, waves and lengths of 50 meters, suitable for the elderly or children to play. The artificial wave making equipment is suitable for the small water park, and the wave pool area is below 1000 square meters. The blast-type artificial wave-making equipment is inexpensive, but the disadvantage is that the noise is slightly larger.

  1. Vacuum artificial wave equipment (tsunami pool)

The vacuum artificial wave making equipment mainly consists of a vacuum pump, a pipeline system, a water circulation system, a valve system, a control system and a gas chamber. Its working principle is: the vacuum pump is used to increase the water level in the room, the control system sends out signals according to the pre-designed wave spectrum, and the control system controls the opening and closing of the valve system, which ultimately affects the air pressure of the air chamber, which becomes constant from negative pressure. Pressing, resulting in waves, the momentum is extremely magnificent. The vacuum artificial wave generation equipment is characterized by a large wave of 2.8 meters (the wave height and the time of the wave can be controlled according to the PLC control system), and the wave can extend up to 100 meters. Vacuum artificial wave-making equipment is relatively expensive, mainly used for large water park , and the wave pool area should be more than 2000 square meters.

  1. Mechanical push plate

This method works by driving the push plate placed in the facility water by the motor, so that the front and rear are shaken, and then changing the wave frequency and amplitude by changing the frequency and amplitude of the rocking plate, and it can also be based on the rocking plate. The power is divided into mechanical and hydraulic. This type of wave machine has a complicated structure and high energy consumption, and is not often used in modern water parks.

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