How to increase the marketing highlights of the water park

If you don’t go to the water park now, you have to start school soon! All the major water parks want to create a peak of passenger flow before the start of school. Almost every water park is full of people. The tourists who play the wave pool occupy the whole sea like dumplings, and want to let the passenger flow reach a higher level. Then we must increase the marketing highlights of the water park. Water park marketing is aimed at creating benefits and gathering people’s popularity as a means. It does not necessarily mean that every point has to be done in place. According to the target market situation, the target group’s consumption habits and consumption power, as well as its own marketing ability, cost budget, etc., choose the most suitable marketing combination. How to increase the marketing highlights of the water park?


  1. The promotion method should be flexible and diverse. The so-called promotion is to let the guests taste the sweetness. For example, the most direct discount is the fare discount, or even free. This is the most common type of promotion, mainly based on pending time periods, such as opening hours, working days, specific programs, etc., and according to special groups, such as children, students, and the elderly. The specific preferential margin should be determined according to the actual situation. For the free-to-play promotion method, it is not too much agree, unless it is to gather people instead of selling tickets. For the discounted fare, this kind of promotion should be used with caution. It must be done, and the intensity should not be too great. After a period of discount, tourists are accustomed to the discounted price. This is inevitably a price difference. When the original price is restored. Visitors will feelthe tickets expensive.


  1. Bundled promotion method, bundled with surrounding hotels, supporting attractions, even gas stations and parking lots, one-vote system, convenient for tourists to travel, but also get benefits, why not?


  1. Group promotion, assuming a family of three come to the water park to play, you can avoid a child ticket, a couple can come to play to give women a half price, 10 or more self-organizing group to play to avoid 1-2 votes Such preferential measures, so that tourists will bring more people to play, increase the overall popularity of the water park, and give visitors a feeling of humanity.


  1. Recurring promotion, you can give USD2-5 cash coupon when you purchase tickets, encourage visitors to play again or introduce other friends to come and play. There are many ways to promote, but the overall purpose is to attract more people to come and play, to create better benefits for the water park.

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