How to Open a Water Park?

There are not two the same water park in the world.

Market demand, regional competition, urban size, traffic conditions, consumer attitudes are not the same, use a very different means of investment planning; preferences and value of tourists and investors often do not match the value proposition; pursuing the larger land site, the more bigger equipment means that corresponding investment costs and management costs will be substantially increased. These are basically the main reasons for the failure of the waterpark project.

Water Park’s investment must be profitable for the purpose of planning projects to increase revenue and savings, combined with market demand, using differentiated approach to create a popular water park. To achieve this goal, we must finish professional market research, investment analysis, resource analysis, differentiated positioning, facilities selection, landscape packaging style positioning, management process planning, tourist reception planning, supporting facilities planning, brand marketing planning and any other factors which many effect the success of water park.

How to Open a Water Park?
1. Feasibility study about this project(Budget and land, target visitor)
2. Land survey( Confirm the land by Auto CAD)
3. Planning and concept design
4. Design review and confirmation
5. Budget and investment amount
6. Set up the cooperation
7. Engineering design and slide produciton
8. Transporation and installation
9. Equipment commissioning and management training
10.Grand Opening

Vison Waterparks founded in 2013, is a professional fiberglass water slide manufacturer in China, offering turn-key service on water park construction. We are specialized in water park investment research, planning, designing, manufacturing, installation and operation management service.

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