How to resettle the water park staff during winter?

Where is the hottest place in midsummer? It is undoubtedly a water park that is realizing fast cash flow. Behind the success of a successful water park, it is not only because of the unique and unique water equipment, wonderful performing arts programs, eye-catching marketing methods, but also the technical support of professional operation management team and management level.

In September, regardless of the north and south, the temperature gradually decreased. After the peak period of summer operation, the water parks in various places successively entered the closed garden maintenance and rest period. At the same time, the new water park opened for the summer of the coming year also ushered in the golden period of planning and planning. For the water park in the new preparatory stage, how to plan and design the experience in the early stage; build a reasonable management structure? For the water parks that have been put into operation and enter the closed period, those who are escorting the water for tourists’ safety, and where to transfer, how to resettle the workers in the park who are working hard all over the summer, are becoming water park investors. What do you think about night?

Take the water park closure period as an example. Usually, some water parks adopt the practice of only paying basic wages during the closure of the park, or leaving the core backbone, and the grassroots employees are disbanded on the spot. This will lead to brain drain, and when the coming season comes, it will require re-recruitment and retraining. Such an approach is not good both in terms of manpower input and effect output. It is not cost-effective to re-recruit and train when it comes, and new employees need time to familiarize themselves with the environment and workflow of the park, affecting the service and operation management level in the coming year.

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As the water park has market characteristics such as seasonal temperament as a tourism product with obvious seasonal attributes, in the use and operation of human resources, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the linkage and connection between the park and other business products. The use of human resources is by no means a simple recruitment–disbanding this action. The resettlement management of the water park during the park period can also have the following advantages:

  1. Build a flexible operational architecture

The operation structure of the water park determines the level of operation and management of the water park. The setting of the core department (such as engineering equipment, life-saving operations, etc.) is the mainstay of the management of the overall park. Before the formal operation and management of the park, the proportion of formal employees (core employees) and part-time employees is set reasonable. It will greatly reduce the pressure on manpower placement in the late stage of the park. At the same time, to build a flexible operational structure, it is also required to carry out strong and effective human resource assessment and integration during the closed period, and combine the wishes and skill characteristics of employees to carry out the transfer and transfer work. To lay a solid foundation for the new round of operations in the coming year.

  1. Linkage with other formats in the resort to achieve internal digestion

The development of the operation of a single water park has become increasingly difficult to achieve long-term stable cash flow. Since the development of the theme tourism, clustered and multi-format holiday tourism products are becoming the enthusiasm of investors. Take the Chimelong Tourism Resort in Guangzhou, a well-known resort in China, as an example. Its tourism products such as water parks, zoos, motorized parks, big circus and accommodation hotels have basically laid the development goal of Guangzhou Chimelong Group. Several major tourism products are linked to each other and play a multiplier effect of clustering. Timely water parks enter the closed garden maintenance period, and more than a thousand water park employees can also digest well internally to realize the human resources sharing in each park. At present, the water park is becoming an important part of the resort-like scenic spot. Realizing the linkage with other formats of the resort and completing the internal digestion is the best way for the resettlement of the water park during the closed period.How to resettle the water park staff during winter?插图1

3, orderly open closed garden maintenance work

During the peak season of operation throughout the summer, the facilities and equipment of the water park will have a certain degree of loss, and at the same time, it will extend the service life of equipment and enhance the visitors’ experience in the coming year. During the closure period, the maintenance of equipment and facilities is extremely necessary. Usually, after the water park is closed, the safety inspection of the park project will be carried out first, and the infrastructure such as the pipeline, machine room and operation console of the park will be systematically repaired. At the same time, it meets the loss of equipment, and issues maintenance recommendations. The procurement department purchases maintenance supplies. According to the maintenance plan, the personnel are formally arranged according to the technical requirements, and maintenance work such as waxing and rubber filling of the equipment is carried out in order to realize the rational use of human resources.

4, long-term training and intelligence output

Water park operation management is a systematic management work, not only related to equipment, engineering and other professional technologies, but also basic administrative, marketing and financial management. During the closing period, the water park management party can continue to cooperate with external scenic spots in addition to integrating the conditions of the park itself. Targeted personnel training or docking output. Realizing the benign interaction between the scenic spot and the scenic spot, in the second year of the joint marketing operation, it is greatly promoted and played.

The preparation of the water park is inseparable from the high integration and flexible use of many aspects of policies, resources, capital, technology, talents, etc., to achieve the resettlement management of the water park during the closed period, and to use advanced management experience for more projects. The establishment and operation management provide wisdom and technology, so that the water park management has a high level, and it is necessary to link multiple parties to achieve efficient operation and effective results.

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