How to seize market opportunities quickly in the small city where without water park project?

In the small city without water park project, as long as the main city population is more than two hundred thousand, there are huge market opportunities. The developers of water park should also take advantage of the market competition and threat of the latecomers in order to avoid being overtaken by the latecomers. In order to quickly occupy the water park market opportunities, the following points need attention:

  1. Investment scale
    Every water park developer should determine the scale of investment in the park according to the local market demand, and blind investment will only lead to project operation difficulties and waste of funds. According to small city’s spending power to speculate that the total investment in new water park should be controlled in USD5 million (excluding land) within the park area is appropriate, should be within 50000sqm, and the corresponding supporting large parking lot.
  2. Amusement equipment
    In the three or four line city, it is not recommended to buy expensive imported aquatic amusement equipment, such as aqua house. Imported equipment will greatly uplift the construction cost of paradise, will greatly affect the investment recovery period of paradise. In the small city, it is the best choice to choose the more advanced Chinese water park amusement equipment with high performance price ratio.
  3. Park tickets
    The main power consumption of city water park is parents meet the needs of children dabbling, but also back to a relatively high rate of consumer groups. Of these consumer groups, three or four visitors account for the majority. In the three or four line city, because the overall income level is not too high compared to a second tier city, the consumption control of a total of three is less than USD50, this consumer price can be accepted by most tourists. Adult ticket price between USD10-12, half-price ticket of USD5-8, or USD5-10 ticket price can be accepted by the majority of tourists.
  4. Theme stories
    The theme stories of this type of water park can try to occupy the commanding heights of regional culture. Selection of local cultural elements in the known to every family in the history of culture, tells the story of a fun, the ups and downs of the story, let visitors during the course of play into the story of the scene experience, through the theme of the story scenes to increase children’s family package tourists revisit rate.

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