Kids Water Slide Safety Considerations

Listed below are suggestions that we feel Water Slide Owners should consider for the safe operation of water slides.

Be sure that riders DO NOT ride the water slide headfirst. Head first riding can lead to submarining and contact with the pool bottom, which can cause spinal injuries, paralysis or death. All riders must ride feet first either sitting or lying down on their back. Absolutely no riding on stomach or headfirst should be allowed.

Allow only one rider at a time on the slide. Absolutely no trains or chains should be allowed.

To avoid a safety hazard at the bottom of the water slide, a minimum interval of six seconds must be maintained between riders. If crowding begins at the slide terminus, briefly interrupt use of the slide and clear swimmers away from this area.

Mats or inflatable tubes are not to be used on the slide.

Arms and hands must remain inside the flume. No stopping or grabbing the flume handrail.

Riders should enter the slide in a sitting position. No running or diving starts are allowed.

Loitering or lingering in the pool or in the immediate area of the slide is not allowed.

No diving or jumping into the pool from the waterslide is allowed.

Do not walk or climb up the slide, enter at the top only and slide down.

Riders under the age of 5 years or persons with a weight over 275 lbs should ride at the owner’s discretion.

Water Slides should be well lighted during evening and nighttime operations.

No one should be allowed to use the Water Slide with metal parts such as buckles, buttons, locker pins, safety pins, tags, key rings, belts, or other potentially sharp objects. These items could damage the gel coat.

All riders must wear swimsuits. No cut-off jeans or trousers are allowed.

No rider should be allowed to use the slide while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

Riders should be in good health. Pregnant women or individuals with a heart condition should not be allowed on the slide.

Provide a means of positive lock off of the water slide structure.

Water Slides should have an emergency shutoff easily accessible to the slide operators.

WARNING: Failure to follow these rules may result in serious injury. Vison Waterparks waterslide equipment, by design, has an intended specific use. Lack of maintenance and/or rider usage in a manner other than the intended use for which it was designed could result in serious injury.

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