The difference between indoor water park and outdoor water park

Large indoor water parks can be opened in both wind and rain for 365 days. The appearance of indoor water parks fills the spring and autumn and even winter, the needs of a large number of urban groups, with the continuous improvement of water park equipment manufacturing technology, small and medium-sized water park projects, The general construction time can be completed in 5 months, the large water park project cycle can be completed in about one year, and the large indoor water park project is rich, such as the integration of hot spring spa, swimming pool, wave pool, indoor skateboarding and other projects. The indoor water park is more diverse and appealing to tourists.

What is the difference between a large indoor water park and a large outdoor water park?

  1. The difference between water park equipment selection

When the large indoor water park and the outdoor water park are under construction, there will be differences in the choice of water park equipment. The indoor water park is limited by the size of the building and the area. Generally, large water park equipment will not be selected, otherwise the construction cost will be Very high, the indoor water park area is generally relatively small, and the outdoor water park is not limited by the construction space, the civil construction cost is relatively small, the area is large, and generally large water amusement facilities are placed.

  1. Construction time

As mentioned above, the construction cost of indoor water parks is much higher than the cost of outdoor water parks. It is mainly due to the cost of civil works. In terms of water park equipment, if it is restricted by the venue, the water park equipment needs to be customized, and the development cost will be higher. Under normal circumstances, the construction period of indoor water parks of the same scale is longer than the construction period of outdoor water parks.

  1. Cost

The ticket price of the large indoor water park is not much different from the price of the existing outdoor water park. It is acceptable for people who work normally. In comparison, the money is the same but the service is different. More diversified water amusement equipment, safe facilities, very perfect.

  1. Not subject to weather restrictions

In the indoor water park, it is not limited by the weather, and the weather can make the children play easily and enjoy the body and mind. And there is not only a swimming pool inside, but also a variety of water facilities, which can increase the amusement of the water park.

  1. Targeted

The large indoor water park is a dedicated water play area and is an exclusive entertainment venue, so it is particularly targeted. All the equipment, as well as the location, decoration, style design and other facilities meet the needs and aesthetics of the customers, and the playing environment is more excellent.

  1. Different business hours

On a yearly basis, the distinctive feature of the indoor water park is that it can be opened all the year round. The indoor constant temperature cost is relatively high, so the people and habits of consumption should be considered when constructing. For example, the indoor water park is very objective when operating. In the south, the outdoor water park is mostly in the late spring, summer and early autumn. Many outdoor water parks can only be operated in the summer, because the weather is not the same as the indoor temperature.

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