The importance of regular updates on water park equipment!

With the development of economy, people’s income level and consumption level have increased significantly, which has promoted the continuous development and maturity of the tertiary industry and tourism industry. As a theme park, the water park has unique cultural connotation, scientific and technological content and strong. The entertainment function has become the hottest star in the current urban tourism products. Almost every city with a population of more than 1 million is planning, launching or operating water park. The overall situation is extremely hot.

Of course, water parks are similar to theme parks. If you want to stay hot and continue to appreciate, you need to update or introduce new facilities regularly. The “three-three system” operating principle that Disneyland has adhered to for many years is a good example of this. It eliminates one-third of the hardware equipment and builds one-third of the new concept projects every year, keeping the park a constant attraction for tourists. The same is true for water parks, especially water parks that have been in operation for many years. Due to the need for changes in the form of old parks, natural products, and changes in the form of tourists, water park equipment has become inevitable.

From the perspective of market demand, the trend is constantly changing, people’s demand trends will also change, like to pursue new things, if the amusement equipment is unchanged, no new product injection, it will affect the tourist revisit rate, thus affecting the entire water The development of the park, so change is inevitable, the introduction of new equipment is conducive to the realization of marketing innovation, in line with the psychology of tourists seeking new ideas.

From a business point of view, updating the water park equipment is conducive to providing a plan for the park marketing. It can update the equipment as an opportunity to launch related theme activities to attract customers to come to consume, thereby enhancing the freshness and fun of the park and helping to improve the park. Vitality and regular updates are important means of maintaining attractiveness and competitiveness.

From a safety point of view, any water park equipment will be affected by weather, man-made, and time during use. The service life of any equipment is quantitative. Equipment with serious years of arrival or severe damage will be serious. Security issues, however, providing a safe experience service is an important responsibility of the water park. To ensure the safety of the equipment, it is necessary to regularly update or introduce new equipment to replace the old equipment.

Therefore, the update of water park equipment is particularly important!

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