Water park design: Main street of the theme park entrance analysis

In the theme park world, there is a partition that makes the designer both annoying and exciting, and it is also the key to the success of the water park project. This is the theme commercial block, the main street is usually the entrance and primary destination for most of the park. Its value lies in its function, because the main shopping street is used to bring tourists into the paradise, and at the same time as a transitional space, connecting the outside world and the various themed entertainment environments in the paradise.

Due to its importance to the visitor experience as a whole, the design of the main block needs to be meticulously and thoroughly combed. Disassemble its unique design requirements to a wide range of three levels, including functionality, appearance, and experience, which requires careful study of each level. These three main dimensions overlap in many respects. As designer, the goal is to create a fun, efficient and efficient playground that will satisfy visitors.

This article will review the specific ideas involved in these dimensions. These are not just design considerations, but also provide a holistic reflection and analysis of the many important elements of the theme park’s main street design. Due to the length of the article, this issue will be the first to introduce the “Functions”.


Feature design

The functional level includes meeting the operational needs of visitors and parks. These specific needs vary from park to park, but they share common principles. So, what should be considered in the functional design of the main block?


Ticketing and security checks. Since the digital revolution, paradise ticket sales have been developing. With the increase in digital ticket sales, the queue space for walking window shopping is decreasing, and the ticket vending machine is replaced. Security screening is a necessary condition for the safe operation of the park, but it will cause bottlenecks in people’s fashion. It is important to visually monitor the admission of visitors, and the physical size requirements of the entrance components of these parks are changing. Security services, especially in the backpack inspection area, require more space. In particular, this function is an essential part of the park’s arrival process, so it is necessary to provide visitors with a relatively comfortable waiting environment. Providing awnings and protection in other weather conditions can make the area more comfortable, as well as provide adequate access and security personnel to meet peak demand.

Tourist service. Toilets, lockers, stroller rentals, wheelchair rentals, lost and found, group travel facilities, and similar features are very important for visitors, and a good main street design makes it the best.


Retail facilities. Main Street Retail is not just a concentrated shopping in one place, but also the best time for visitors to buy goods in the park during the day. After arriving at the park, visitors often find that they may need something that brings convenience and comfort, but forgot to carry it, such as raincoats, umbrellas, or sunscreen. Finally, visitors may purchase souvenirs before leaving the park. For the retail market and brand operations, this adds another level of entertainment, such as interactive displays or live craftsman demos, which can further increase the secondary consumption of the park.


If the goods are of interest to tourists, effectively designing the main street retail can increase the park income. We have seen many parks overlooking offering a variety of paradise-themed souvenirs to potential visitors, or some parks only offer products that some tourists can find in any nearby store, but regrets why sales will be disappointing in the future.


Dining options. The main street usually has a large number of people passing through when opening and closing the park. During the daytime parade or special events, a large number of people will also be encountered. This may mean that a large number of people often seek convenient and fast food. Providing coffee and tea to visitors in the morning can increase the satisfaction of visitors, and the stalls and dining cars can also provide unlimited convenience for tourists during peak hours. There are many options for visitors to ensure that most visitors can find what they like.


Streamline and traffic. The main street has a unique streamline requirement. Due to the traffic congestion during the opening and closing of the park, the street needs to accommodate a large number of people while maintaining the true pedestrian street scale. By increasing the secondary streamline that runs through the retail outlets in the neighborhood, it can help alleviate congestion during peak periods and increase impulse purchases. This area is a logical transportation hub, and if there is a personnel transportation system such as a train station, tram or ferry system at this location, it will help to distribute tourists more evenly. Finally, it is beneficial to set up a gathering space or “arrival square” at the end of the area. It provides an instant positioning point that allows visitors to see the entire park scene. It also allows visitors to choose their own direction based on several possible paths, allowing visitors to choose how to start their day.

Administration and logistics. The operation of the park requires many actual managers. Centralizing management and accounting close to this area, even behind the theme scene, makes sense. Similarly, other logistics support functions are located close to this area and are functionally logical.

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