Water park equipment classification

At present, the water park equipment is mainly divided into: water slides (including combination slides and sets of slides), interactive equipment, water treatment equipment, hot spring spa equipment and landscapes. Among them, the water slides occupy a number of entertainment projects in the water park. Here is a brief introduction:

First, the water slide

Water slides are a general name for a category of water park equipment. The broad scope includes a wide range of water slides, such as: large tornado slides, giant raft slides, rainbow race slides, octopus slides, sky-turning slides, family rafting slides, children’s slides, giant beast bowls slide etc.;

Fiberglass water slides are roughly divided into two sub-categories:

1, combination slide

Spiral slides, rainbow slides, high-speed slides, barrel snow consumption, etc.

2, supporting slides(huge/giant water slide)

Large water slides are equipped with slides in addition to the combination slides, such as large horn slides, octopus slides, water roller coasters, tornadoes, etc. are all equipped with water slides.

Second, interactive equipment(playground)

Water interaction equipment is representative: water house and aqua games equipment. A comprehensive water house combining small water slides, steel structures, large buckets, pirate ship shapes and cartoon animations which is suitable for children of different ages such as children, youth and the elderly;

Third, wave equipment, drifting river, artificial flood, skateboarding, surf equipment

Wave-making equipment has tsunami waves, blasts and waves, suitable for water parks, large swimming pools, etc.; lazy rivers, giant floods and other projects, but also equipped with wave equipment to play fun; skateboarding is the most Fun surfing project, mainly composed of organic electric wave parts and skateboarding equipment; the main function is leisure and entertainment, enjoy the leisure of beach surfing, and have different flavors compared with other leisure projects.

Fourth, hot spring spa equipment

Spa facilities are new additions to the water park, which not only maintains the body, but also relaxes the mind and body;

Fifth. Landscape

The landscape class is a very good “flavoring agent” for the water park, especially in the indoor water park, it is immeasurable. Some plants, rockeries, animal cartoons, etc., create a natural and ecological atmosphere, and the mood is pleasant.

Sixth, water treatment system

Water treatment treatment is an essential infrastructure for water parks, ensuring good water quality and suitable temperature for safe play.


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